From the creator of THE BIG COMFY COUCH, Cheryl Wagner, comes Bunny Bop! Accompanied by gentle music, nature sounds and the occasional calm commentary of “Gramma Bunny,” Bunny Bop! features preschool kids playing, exploring learning, interacting, and having silly fun. And because everyone loves a good story, each episode also features a Bunny Tale – starring the bouncy, carrot-loving puppet Buddy Bunny and his puppet pals Posey the Caterpillar and Beep the Butterfly.

Kids in the Bunny Garden make music, dance and learn about colors. Buddy Bunny discovers an upside down bucket makes a great drum.

Episode One - Bongo Bunny                   


Bunnyboppers play with trains, have a snack and learn a Baby Sign for "thirsty." Buddy Bunny shows off his blankie cape to Posey the Caterpillar.

Episode Two - Super Buddy

Bunnyboppers have fun with yoga and building with blocks. Buddy Bunny plays hide and seek with Posey the Caterpillar.

Episode Three - Where's Posey?

The kids of Bunny Bop! have fun with wooden toys, blocks, and learn to count to ten playing hopscotch. Buddy Bunny enjoys a "Carrot Car" in the garden.

Episode Four - Carrot Car

The Bunnyboppers have fun with piggy banks, measuring things, drawing on a chalkboard and rocking out on rocking horses. Buddy Bunny bounces through the garden to Buddy's Theme Song (sung by the Chucklebelly Kids Chorus).

Episode Five - Bunny Garden

Hoppy Birthday!

Episode Six - Hoppy Birthday!


Ada • Austin • Authin • Bhawana • Julia Katie Khayam • Kristopher • Lana • Lara Owen Ruby • Tyler

Head Puppeteer

Harmony Wagner

Assistant Puppeteers

Cecily Lalande • Matt Bowness • Nick Graveline • Mindy Walker

Voice of GrammaBunny

Laurel Smyth

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Cheryl Wagner

Harmony Wagner


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Seasons /


S. 1  - 15 Ep.



Under 6 Minutes


Preschool - 6 Years


Beep the Butterfly teaches Buddy Bunny what to do when he's afraid of a bee buzzing around his head. Bunnyboppers get creative with a wooden hammer toy, have fun cleaning up an area to dance in & discover the joys of painting.

Episode Seven - Bee Still


Bunnyboppers have fun stretching & hopping with a rhyme & rolling balls around. When Buddy’s friends, Posey & Beep don't feel like playing, Buddy learns how to make his own fun in the garden.

Episode Eight - Funny Bunny


The kids of Bunny Bop!have fun playing with rolling wooden toys, blocks and three bunnyboppers share a yummy snack of baby carrots. At storytime, we discover a Buddy Bunny rock video praising the joys of eating healthy.

Episode Nine - Yummy!


The Bunnyboppers have a great time hopping around popping bubbles to music. It's a windy day in the garden and Buddy Bunny has to hold on for dear life . . to his carrot.

Episode Ten - Windy Day


The Bunnyboppers have fun doing yoga and coloring together. A beautiful song teaches us that everybunny needs a hug sometimes and Buddy learns when it's time to take a nap.

Episode Eleven - Somebunny Needs a Nap


The Bunnyboppers learn about colors, bowling and have fun growing up. Buddy Bunny discovers that part of growing up is saying sorry when your joke backfires and you scare your friends by accident.

Episode Twelve - Somebunny is Sorry


Friends take turns playing with a cool wooden toy. Bunnyboppers discover being quiet is fun with sneaky tippytoe feet and Buddy Bunny's hiccups influence his painting style.

Episode Thirteen - Sneaky Feet


The Bunnyboppers learn to count by playing with a piggy bank. They have fun with a silk Carrot Parachute and play a game of 'Hide the Carrot'. Buddy, Posey, and Beep think life is a song: In the Bunny Garden.

Episode Fourteen - Peek-a-Boo!


Bunnyboppers get busy cleaning up so they can hop, hop, hop to the Bunny Bop! song. After that, it's time for a rest with a sleepy song and some nice quiet time with Buddy Bunny and Posey the Caterpillar.

Episode Fifteen - Quiet Time